MAP (Quake Engine Map File)

The MAP Misc file format

MAP files are most commonly associated with the Quake Engine, and can be assigned to a number of games. For example, Halo, Fallout and Furcadia are known to use MAP files. Before the MAP can be used, it has to be compiled into a BSP file, a binary map that can be used in games developed using the Quake engine. These files can be created using various map editors.

Technical details of MAP files

MAP files are game files saved in a text format. This means the contents of the files are text-based and can be opened and read in standard text editors. In order to get the file to work in a game, it has to be compiled. Either into a BSP file or into the DIF format.

More information about the MAP file format

File extension .map
File category Misc
Associated programs Valve Hammer Editor (Windows)
Torque Constructor (Windows)
id Software GtkRadiant (Windows)
QuArK (Windows)
MAP3BSPC (Windows)
Q3Map2 (Windows)
Microsoft Notepad (Windows)

Other Text Editors
Useful links More information about the MAP file format
Developer id Software