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Free for students and educators. To support education around the world, we are offering our paid tools to students and teachers for free.
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Here are the advantages included in all of our paid plans:

No waiting queue
99.9% Service Level Agreement
Dedicated customer support
Unlimited* processing time
Unlimited* file size
Unlimited* concurrent tasks
Unlimited* batch processing
Data processing agreement
No ads

What are Credits?

Credits are the digital currency of our platform, used to perform tasks. Think of them as tokens that represent the processing power or resources needed to complete your task. Each task requires one or more Credits per unit, where unit can be X seconds, X pages or the like.

Most tasks will consume 1 Credit every 30 seconds. Over 90% of the tasks finish within 30 seconds, costing one Credit per task.

Using our free trial, you can test and estimate costs. A yellow badge right next to the “Start” button on each feature page will transparently indicate the price beforehand. If a task fails or you cancel it before it finishes, no Credits are deducted. Learn more.

What plan / package should I get?

480 Credits

13,00 €

Pay As You Go

Occasional Use

Ideal for those who need sporadic access. Enjoy flexibility with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Perfect for occasional tasks or projects without the commitment of a subscription.

Up to 480 tasks
Up to 60 AI-supported tasks
2800 Credits

22,42 €

Monthly Subscription

Regular Use

For consistent usage patterns. Unlock benefits designed for regular users.

Save with a monthly subscription plan, ensuring access whenever you need it.

Up to 2800 tasks
Up to 350 AI-supported tasks
10000 Credits

68,00 €

Monthly Subscription

Frequent Use

For power users who rely heavily on our service. Maximize efficiency and savings with our high-volume subscription package.

Streamline your workflow and stay ahead.

Up to 10000 tasks
Up to 1250 AI-supported tasks


What is the difference between a subscription plan and a Pay As You Go package?

A subscription plan renews your amount of Credits every month until you cancel it. Unused Credits are not rolled over to the next month, but they are up to 50% cheaper than Pay As You Go packages. You can select if you want to pay monthly or yearly. A yearly subscription plan gives you an additional discount of up to 20%.
Pay As You Go packages are one time payments. Credits are rolled over to the next month and expire one year after payment.

How do I cancel subscription plans?

You can cancel your subscription plan at any time. There is no minimum contract duration. Just go to the user dashboard, click on “Active subscriptions” and hit “Cancel”. The plan will stop and you will not be billed anymore. However, you can use the remaining Credits until the end of your current payment period.

Can I combine a subscription plan and a Pay As You Go package?

Yes. If you have a subscription plan and a Pay As You Go package, the Credits from your subscription plan will be used first. So in case you are running out of Credits from your subscription plan, you have the Pay As You Go package as a backup to seamlessly continue to work.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes. Just create a free account by signing up and you get a handful of Credits to test most of the features.

Is the checkout secure?

We use PayPal and Stripe as our payment provider, both well known companies. They are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). When you make a purchase, you are actually paying them and they are paying us after handling compliance. We are just informed that you paid. This way we never get your credit card number apart from the last 4 digits of your card number.

How much Credits does a task cost?

It depends. We decided to charge by processing power needed for your task. This way, you just pay what you really consumed which normally results in a better price-performance ratio. On the other hand, we can not calculate the total amount of Credits needed beforehand. But on every feature page right next to the “Start” button, there is a yellow button indicating how much you get for one Credit.
To get a feeling how much Credits are needed, you can also test us during the free trial period with our sample files or your files. After the task has finished you can see transparently the Credits needed in your task history.

Are there any discounts?

We are aware that our product prices do not fit into everybody’s budget. Therefore we have introduced the educational program where we support teachers and students. Also our free trial is for an unlimited time and the Credits to test renew every 24 hours. We ask you to use this opportunity responsibly, since we also need to pay our bills and want to continue to improve the project daily.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently support most credit cards and Paypal.

Can I get a refund?

It depends. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product while not having used it extensively. Just contact our support.

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