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Since the launch of "" in 2009, CEO Jens Bierkandt has remained steadfast in pursuing the vision of simplifying file conversion. The goal: empower users to effortlessly upload and process their files online using just their web browser, eliminating the need for software installations and updates. Today, Online Convert facilitates quick conversion of various file types – audio, video, documents, images, eBooks, and more. Our services go beyond conversion; users can create archives, generate hashes, use OCR for text recognition, capture screenshots, encrypt files, and explore additional functionalities. Committed to continuous growth, we ensure a seamless file conversion experience for our users across the globe. Introducing new AI-based tools is our current priority for even more efficient file conversion services!

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Our commitment to education is evident through the Online-Convert educational program, offering students and teachers worldwide free access to our premium services. Additionally, we're dedicated to a sustainable future. Learn more


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