VEP - AVS Video Editor Project File

What is a VEP file

The VEP file extension was created by Online Media Technologies. VEP is the short name for AVS Video Editor Project File. The VEP file is one that was created for use by the AVS Video Editor. This is a program that was originally created to give people the ability to create their very own home videos or their own movies. The VEP file is responsible for saving the timeline of the movie. This file is also responsible for holding the miscellaneous references that accompany the movie. These references include information for both the audio portion of the video as well as the video portion.

The VEP files that are created when the AVS video file is made and are stored in the /Content/ folder on your computer. This is right next to the regular project folder. If you are planning to use the AVS Video Editor, it will be important that all of the files you want to edit are in the form of the VEP file extension. If you didn’t create the file using the VEP extension, you will need to convert your video to that format using an online video converter. After you have completed the editing of your video, you can choose whether to convert the video back to the original file extension or keep it in the VEP format.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open VEP documents:

  • Online Media Technologies AVS Video Editor
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