VCXPROJ (Visual C++ Project)

The VCXPROJ Developer file format

VCXPROJ files are used to store projects that have been coded in the C++ programming language. These project files are generated by Microsoft Visual Studio's component for development with C++, Visual C++. VCXPROJ files store the work in progress of a project that, once finished, is a fully developed executable program or application.

Technical details of VCXPROJ files

Files using the VCXPROJ extension do not only store source code written in C++, but all kinds of information needed for the project. This includes references to the actual source code files and other assets needed for the program. The information are stored using an XML format. Thus, VCXPROJ files differ from earlier projects saved in Visual C++ which used the VCPROJ extension.

More information about the VCXPROJ file format

File extension .vcxproj
File category Developer
Associated programs Microsoft Visual Studio (Windows)
Useful links More information about VCXPROJ
Developer Microsoft