RAF (Fuji RAW Image File)

The RAF Raster image file format

Digital cameras manufactured by Fuji take photos in a proprietary RAW image format, namely RAF. Like other RAW image formats, RAF files contain uncompressed image data that also stores information about the camera, lens and sensor settings such as aperture, lighting, ISO and more. RAW image files are not process-able by all image viewing programs automatically. Usually, they have to be edited and saved in another format in order to be shared with a broader audience.

Technical details of RAF files

With the help of a photo manipulation or image editing program, the information stored about the camera settings can easily be adjusted without altering the original RAF file. Then, after editing, the image can be exported in a format such as JPG or PNG. Another RAF file cannot be saved or exported using image editing programs. In some cases, RAF files already include a separate JPG version of the photo within the file.

More information about the RAF file format

File extension .raf
File category Raster image
Example file Download example.raf file (48.2 MiB)
Associated programs ACD Systems ACDSee (Windows)
ACD Systems Canvas (Windows)
Adobe DNG Converter (Windows & Mac)
Adobe Photoshop (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android)
Adobe Lightroom (Windows & Mac)
Apple Photos (Mac)
Corel PaintShop Pro (Windows)
FastStone Image Viewer (Windows)
Fuji Hyper-Utility Software (Windows & Mac)
Google Picasa (Windows & Mac)
Helicon Filter (Windows)
MacPhun ColorStrokes (Mac)
MAGIX Xara Xtreme (Windows)
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