ODG (OpenDocument Graphic File)

The ODG Vector image file format

Files with ODG extension are the image files and graphics documents that are linked with OpenOffice OpenDocument Version 2. The ODG file extension is used by the OpenDocument vector file specification. Basic intention of these files is to have a non-proprietary and free file type that any individual can access. These files can be accessed using various open source programs in Windows such as LibreOffice Draw and OpenOffice.org Draw.

Technical details of ODG files

ODG is an XML based file format which is widely used for the representation of electronic documents like charts, drawings, word processing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. OASIS developed the standard which is an open and free format that aims to work with various office suite of products. Sun Microsystems formerly developed the specifications.

More information about the ODG file format

File extension .odg
File category Vector image
Example file Download example.odg file (716.73 KiB)
Associated programs Libre Office
OpenOffice Draw
Useful links Get more details on ODG file extension here.
Developer Sun Microsystems