NFI - Netflix Information File

What is a NFI file

Netflix, a streaming service for TV shows, series, and movies, offers users of its Android and iOS app to download certain episodes of a show, movies, documentaries and more. That way, users can watch Netflix even when they have no internet connection. This feature was introduced in December 2016 and with it arose the need for Netflix to create secure files that would allow the app to store data on a user’s device while making sure the data was safe from piracy as well. The NFI file is one of the files Netflix developed for this purpose. It contains information about the show, movie or particular episode downloaded by a user of the Netflix app.

Secure data storage was one of Netflix concerns when they offered the offline viewing ability in their Android and iOS app. Thus, they created a set of encrypted files that kept the downloaded data safe. The NFI file, a data file, contains all kinds of information about the downloaded content, including the description of the episode, show, movie or other content. The file is stored together with the other encrypted files on a user’s device, such as the NFV, NFS or NFA file.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open NFI documents:

  • Netflix (iOS & Android)
Extension NFI
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