INI - Windows Initialization File

What is a INI file

The INI file format is a configuration or initialization file used by several platforms and software. They are, for example, used by Windows programs and contain information about the initialization of different program settings. Settings and preferences are separated in sections containing parameters like name and value. Since INI files contain plain text, they can be opened and edited in any text editor. However, it is not advised to apply any changes to INI files, otherwise the correct function of the program attached can not be guaranteed anymore.

The plain text that makes up the content of an INI file is usually written down using ASCII. The structure of the sections inside the INI files contains the title of the section in square brackets and a list of configuration options. Commonly controlled by INI files are functions that need to be initialized when booting Windows, like fonts, drivers, applications ans startup launchers. In Windows 95, the registry database introduced in this version of Windows partially replaced the usage of INI files. With the rise of XML files, the format can now be regarded as deprecated.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open INI documents:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Notepad
  • Microsoft WordPad
Extension INI
MIME type text/plain
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