INF (Setup Information File)

The INF Settings file format

INF files are files containing plain text. They are most commonly used by Microsoft Windows, however it is not platform-specific. INF files define which files are needed for a software installation or update. Sometimes, the files also contain information about the location where the new program should be installed. INF files are known to be easily infested by viruses. It's advised to scan them before opening or to not open them manually at all.

Technical details of INF files

INF files are a part of the Windows Setup API and the Windows Installer. They contain several sections that contain further information about the files that are involved in the installation process. Since INF files can contain autorun commands, they are popular to execute viruses upon an attempt to open them. It is thus advised to thoroughly scan INF files for potential malware.

More information about the INF file format

File extension .inf
File category Settings
Associated programs Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Notepad
MacroMates TextMate
Useful links Overview of INF files from Microsoft
Developer Microsoft