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FXC - FilePackager Configuration

What is a FXC file

FXC files are native to a Windows platform program called DIMDATA FilePackager. This program is used to create archives that automatically extract themselves. FXC files are, however, not the archives created by the program, but rather configuration files that are used to create these archive files. They contain configuration information for the self-extracting archive. DIMDATA FilePackager is used to create software and program installers for computers that run on the Windows operating system.

The configuration data included in the FXC files is of various nature. This includes file associations as well as references to the files that are included in the self-extracting archive. Registry alterations can be stored inside the FXC file as well. Furthermore, the FXC file can contain commands that help the Windows machine to set up desktop or program menu shortcuts on the computer.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open FXC documents:

  • DIMDATA FilePackager (Windows)
Extension FXC
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