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BET - BETA Source File

What is a BET file

BET files are linked to the BETA programming language. Code written in this object-oriented language make up the contents of the BET file. Thus, it is used by developers working and developing using BETA. Since they contain code, BET files can be opened in any text editing program. To use the applications or software created inside the BET file, however, it has to be compiled using the BETA compiler.

BET files are used to create programs. BETA is quite easy and intuitive to use thanks to its ability to abstract data. The structure of the code used in a BET file is designed to provide easy reusability of the code for either program design or implementation.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open BET documents:

  • BETA Compiler (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Any Text Editor