AU (Audio File)

The AU Audio file format

The AU file was introduced by Sun Microsystems. This file format facilitates the storage of audio files, usually in three sections: a header with maximum strength of 24 bytes, an annotation block of variable length and the audio data itself. Primarily, this file format is used by Sun or other Unix-based machines, but it can be opened with various audio programs.

Technical details of AU files

The AU format is associated with the µ-law logarithmic encoding that was endemic to the SPARCstation 1 hardware, where SunOS revealed the encoding to application programs through the /dev/audio interface.

More information about the AU file format

File extension .au
File category Audio
Associated programs Nullsoft Winamp
Apple QuickTime Player
Microsoft Windows Media Player
RealNetworks RealPlayer Cloud
Adobe Audition CC
Useful links Learn more about the AU file format
Developer Sun Microsystems