ARF (WebEx Advanced Recording File)

The ARF Video file format

ARF is the file extension added to recordings of an online meeting. Video recording with the ARF extension are saved using WebEx, a tool to host and conduct online conferences from Cisco. This software uses NBR (Network-Based Recording) to save and download the video recording of a meeting that has taken place on the internet. Contrary to WRF files, ARF files contain the downloaded recording of an online meeting. WRF is the extension of recorded sessions in a video format that have been recorded by a user themselves.

Technical details of ARF files

ARF files are binary video files. They contain the video and audio data of an online meeting that has been downloaded by a user. In addition to the video data, ARF files contain further information about the meeting such as a list of the participants and a table of contents. This information is saved in different panels.

More information about the ARF file format

File extension .arf
File category Video
Associated programs Cisco WebEx Network Recording Player (Windows & Mac)
Useful links More on recording ARF files with WebEx
Developer Cisco