ZIPX (Extended Zip File)

The ZIPX Archive file format

The ZIPX file extension was introduced with Corel WinZip 12.1 and extended the already existing and very popular ZIP file format. Files are compressed using Best method compression in order to create ZIPX files. ZIP and ZIPX archives are used to compress one or more files for easier and faster uploading, downloading and sending rates.

Technical details of ZIPX files

ZIPX files are, typically, smaller with regard to file size than the predecessor files with the ZIP extension. This points to even better compression rates than those available for "regular" ZIP files. These extended archive files also contain information about the extended compression method. This way, recipients of ZIPX files know that they need Corel WinZip 12.1 or newer versions in order to decompress the archives.

More information about the ZIPX file format

File extension .zipx
File category Archive
Example file Download example.zipx file (246.91 KiB)
Associated programs B1 Free Archiver (Windows, Mac, Linux & Android)
ConeXware PowerArchiver (Windows)
Corel WinZip (Windows & Mac)
PeaZip (Windows)
RARLAB RAR (Android)
The Unarchiver (Mac)
Useful links For more information on ZIPX click here
Developer Corel