WEBLOC (Mac OS X Website Location)

The WEBLOC Website file format

Typically, WEBLOC files are generated by the standard Mac OS X browser Safari. These files are website shortcuts that direct a user to a website on an Apple Mac computer since they contain the URL to said website. However, these files can only be opened by Safari and other web browsers on a Mac. Safari for Windows does not open WEBLOC files correctly. Opening a WEBLOC file on Windows is still possible using a text editor. The URL stored in the WEBLOC file will be revealed and can be visited by copying it into a web browser.

Technical details of WEBLOC files

WEBLOC files are comparable to URL files that are usually created using different programs than Safari. The information is stored in a plain text (ASCII) format. WEBLOC files are created via drag & drop: When dragging the website icon onto the Mac OS X desktop or into a folder, such a shortcut file will be created at the according location.

More information about the WEBLOC file format

File extension .webloc
File category Website
Example file Download example.webloc file (0.09 KiB)
Associated programs Apple Safari (Mac)
Google Chrome (Mac)
Mozilla Firefox (Mac)
Mozilla SeaMonkey (Mac)
Opera (Mac)
Any text editor on a Windows system
Developer Apple