WEBLOC - Mac OS X Website Location

What is a WEBLOC file

Typically, WEBLOC files are generated by the standard Mac OS X browser Safari. These files are website shortcuts that direct a user to a website on an Apple Mac computer since they contain the URL to said website. However, these files can only be opened by Safari and other web browsers on a Mac. Safari for Windows does not open WEBLOC files correctly. Opening a WEBLOC file on Windows is still possible using a text editor. The URL stored in the WEBLOC file will be revealed and can be visited by copying it into a web browser.

WEBLOC files are comparable to URL files that are usually created using different programs than Safari. The information is stored in a plain text (ASCII) format. WEBLOC files are created via drag & drop: When dragging the website icon onto the Mac OS X desktop or into a folder, such a shortcut file will be created at the according location.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open WEBLOC documents:

  • Apple Safari (Mac)
  • Google Chrome (Mac)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Mac)
  • Mozilla SeaMonkey (Mac)
  • Opera (Mac)
  • Any text editor on a Windows system
Extension WEBLOC
MIME type application/octet-stream
Example Files
(93 bytes)
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