TSCPROJ (TechSmith Camtasia Project File)

The TSCPROJ Settings file format

Camtasia, a screen recording and video editing program for both Windows and Mac, creates files with a TSCPROJ extension. These files contain all information and media files that are needed for the editing project, such as audio and video files, recordings (CMREC files for Mac, CAMREC files for Windows, or TREC files for newer versions of the program), effects and edits. Due to Camtasia being able to record screen recordings, most projects saved in TSCPROJ are used to create demonstration or tutorial videos that make use of the recorded information on the screen.

Technical details of TSCPROJ files

When saving an editing project in Camtasia, by going to “File”, then either choosing “Save” or “Save As...”, a TSCPROJ file is created. They can also be opened by Camtasia by going to “File” and “Open Project”. TSCPROJ can also be opened manually. The information inside is saved in a plain text format, thus all one needs for opening them is a text editing program. Altering the information inside in this way, however, can cause the project file to become corrupted and thus unusable. TSCPROJ replaced the CAMPROJ format for the Windows version of the program with version 9.

More information about the TSCPROJ file format

File extension .tscproj
File category Settings
Associated programs TechSmith Camtasia (Windows & Mac)
Useful links More about TSCPROJ from Camtasia
Developer TechSmith