SXW (StarOffice Writer Document)

The SXW Document file format

The SXW file format is associated with the StarOffice suite and Apache OpenOffice. This file format was created by the word processer StarOffice Writer which was included in the StarOffice suite. It is based on OpenDocument XML format and is compatible with Apache OpenOffice writer, which replaced the StarOffice writer.

Technical details of SXW files

Just like any other text file, SXW files consist of strings of human readable characters. The words and sentences formed this way can be encoded into formats like ASCII which enables computers to read them as well. SXW files may contain rich text, bitmaps, graphics, and other information like font styles, size etc. SXW files are similar to Microsoft Word’s DOCX file format.

More information about the SXW file format

File extension .sxw
File category Document
Example file Download example.sxw file (6.2 MiB)
Download example_small.sxw file (43.52 KiB)
Associated programs StarOffice Writer
OpenOffice Writer
Useful links Learn more about the SXW file format
Developer Sun Microsystems