SR2 - Sony RAW Image File Format

What is a SR2 file

Digital cameras, mainly reflex cameras, can produce images in so-called RAW formats. Most camera makes and models produce a different file format. Sony cameras can take, among others, images with the SR2 file extension. These photo files contain all kinds of information in addition to the visible image information as captured by the Sony camera’s sensor. Many picture viewers and software can interpret SR2 files, however, due to the amount of information contained in the files, they allow for better and more advanced editing when loaded in a photo manipulation program. SR2 files are not as common as the other Sony camera RAW format ARW.

SR2 files contain information captured by the CCD of the Sony camera at the moment the picture is taken. This includes image data such as Iso, lens, camera settings, and more. Due to this information stored in the image file, photo manipulation and enhancement can be done in greater detail than, e.g., using a JPG image. However, since not every program can easily display SR2 files, the need to convert the file to a more common raster image format such as JPG and PNG may arise. A free online JPG converter can usually do the trick for you though.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open SR2 documents:

  • Adobe DNG Converter (Windows & Mac)
  • Corel AfterShot (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • CyberLink PhotoDirector (Windows & Mac)
  • EZ Freeware Free Opener (Windows)
  • File Viewer for Android (Android)
  • File Viewer Plus (Windows)
  • MacPhun ColorStrokes (Mac)
  • Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery (Windows)
  • Microsoft Windows Photos (Windows)
  • XnViewMP (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Extension SR2
MIME type image/x-sony-sr2
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