SCR (Script File)

The SCR Executables file format

A large number of programs is able to create SCR files. Usually, SCR files are executable script files for the respective program that created them. Executing a SCR file will lead to a list of command being run or undertaken by the system. These commands are listed in a specific order within the file. Most SCR files are saved in a plain text format. Thus it is possible to open and view them in most text editors. Changes can only rarely be applied to the files since they are write protected.

Technical details of SCR files

Ever since SCR files were introduced, they are associated with Trojans, viruses and other kinds of malware. When executing the SCR file, the commands within it are executed and oftentimes circumvent actions otherwise taken by antivirus software. Due to the write protection of the virus or EXE file hidden in the SCR file, most antivirus and anti-malware programs are unable to remove the virus. Since the Trojans and viruses installed using SCR files are difficult to detect and delete, it is not recommended to open any unknown SCR files that can be found on a hard drive.

More information about the SCR file format

File extension .scr
File category Executables
Associated programs Autodesk AutoCAD 2016
Common text editors and the respective program that created the file.
Useful links Information on how to remove malware associated with SCR files
Developer N/A