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SB2 - Scratch 2.0 Project File

What is a SB2 file

Scratch is an application development program and platform created by MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In order to save work-in-progress information of a game or application developed in Scratch 2.0, a new file format was introduced; the SB2 file format. The file includes code written in the Scratch-native programming language, sprites, images and other media. Before the introduction of SB2, SB files were used to store progress in older versions of Scratch.

Technically, SB2 files are very similar to ZIP archive files that hold all kinds of Scratch project data such as scripts, images, sound and more. The information itself is stored in the JSON format. Saving SB2 files is easily done by simply saving the file: File > Download to your computer. Next to SB2, Scratch 2.0 projects can be compiled as Java JAR archives. That way, the programs and games created can be used outside of Scratch and, for example, be embedded in a website.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open SB2 documents:

  • MIT Scratch (Windows, Mac, Linux & Web)
  • Panther (Windows)
  • Snap! (Windows, Mac & Linux)
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