RIS (Research Information Systems Citation File)

The RIS Misc file format

RIS stands for Research Information System who developed the file and named it accordingly. It is a so-called bibliography citation file which contains information about citations used mostly in academic and scientific documents. The citation information in the RIS file includes title, author, date of publication, publisher, keywords, the number of the issue if applicable, and more.

Technical details of RIS files

The purpose of RIS files is to create a standard for the exchange of citation information. It's commonly used by and between digital libraries. The information inside the RIS file is saved in an ASCII text format. Thus, these files can be opened and viewed using any text editor. The information displayed in lines consisting of a two-character code and the corresponding value.

More information about the RIS file format

File extension .ris
File category Misc
Associated programs BibDesk (Mac)
Thomas Reuters EndNote (Windows & Mac)
Wandora (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Useful links More Information about RIS
Developer Research Information Systems