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P - PASCAL Program File

What is a P file

P files are used with the Pascal programing source code using the Applause software application. P files contain picture files created by Pascal. The Python programming language also utilizes this file extension to store Python module files which are not yet in the byte stream format. MATLAB uses the extension to contain binary-runtime files within the application. Pascal and the P file extension were published in 1970 as an efficient option for structured programming and data structuring. There are many free compiler programs of Pascal programming coding. Many of the changes and development of Pascal occurred in Zurich.

Pascal was intended to be efficient (in relation to compilation speed and generated code) using the structured programming methods. Pascal is rooted in ALGOL 60 but improved the concept by enabling the ability to define datatypes, and building dynamic and recursive data structures. Strong typing is utilized; meaning specific types of data cannot be interpreted or converted to other types easily. A porting kit was created to include a compiler to generate coding for a “virtual” stack machine, referred to Pascal-P1 (up to Pascal-P4). Eventually, Pascal-P5 was created, which brought in ISO 7185 compatibility. Data types include integers, real, Boolean, char, and string.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open P documents:

  • Applause
  • Python pickle
Extension P
MIME type application/matlab-p, text/x-pascal
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