OXPS - OpenXPS File

What is a OXPS file

A file that uses the file extension of OXPS is basically a “container”. This file container holds a variety of different types of content and presents the content in a paper-like fashion. Most people are very familiar with a PDF file and an OXPS is very similar in nature to a PDF file. The format of the OXPS file is the same as an XPS format. The difference is that the an OXPS file is considered an “open” format. However, because the XPS file extension is the one that is most commonly used, many people will have an issue if they try to open an OXPS file, unless they have very current software installed on their computer.

Since the XPS format for these types of files is still much more popular than the OXPS file, you should pay special attention before sending a file to others. If they have newer software, they will probably be able to open the file without problems. However, if their software is a little older, they could have problems. If you want people to be able to open your document without problems, you should consider converting your OXPS file back to XPS before sending. Some may know how to convert the file themselves; however, many others will likely not even try. This is especially a problem if you use Windows 8 because OXPS is the default extension that is used when saving a document.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open OXPS documents:

  • Microsoft XPS Viewer (Windows)
  • Pagemark XpsViewer (Windows, Mac)
  • Microsoft Word 2011, 2013 (Windows)
  • NiXPS View (Windows, Mac)
Extension OXPS
MIME type application/oxps
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