OSP - OpenShot Project File

What is a OSP file

OSP files save information about a video editing project created in OpenShot. OpenShot is a video editor that runs under Linux. It’s open-source, which makes the OSP an open-source file format as well. The file saves information about the timeline of the video editing as well as effects and references to the video, image, and audio files used. However, it does not contain any actual data from these files, no actual video, image, or audio track. Instead, the purpose of the OSP file is to save the work in progress state of a video editing project to work on over a period of time. To view the actual video, it has to be exported to a supported video file in OpenShot.

OSP files do not contain video, image, or audio data, but it allows users a great way to edit their videos in OpenShot. The non-linear video editing allows users to freely edit any frame in the project without damaging or altering the original frame. On top of that, OpenShot supports a multitude of different file formats since it uses FFmpeg libraries. Thus, the OSP file can contain links and references to many different audio, image or video files.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open OSP documents:

  • OpenShot (Linux)
Extension OSP
MIME type n/a
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