NFV (Netflix Video File)

The NFV Video file format

Netflix became popular and very well loved for its streaming ability of movies, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, comedy specials and more. Next to streaming this content, however, users of the iOS and Android apps also have the possibility to download certain episodes or movies for offline viewing as of December 2016. The NFV file is stored on the user’s phone so the app can access it when there is no internet connection. The video data inside the NFV file is encrypted and can thus only be interpreted by the Netflix app and not viewed using other video players, even when burned onto a DVD or Blu-Ray disk.

Technical details of NFV files

Ever since its start as a video rental service, Netflix has developed into a large video streaming service. With the ability to download movies or TV shows to watch without being connected to the internet, the need for an encrypted file format to store the video data in arose. Thus, Netflix developed the NFV format which allows users to enjoy the Netflix content offline and yet still protects the files against usage and spreading outside Netflix’s reach. NFV files aren’t the only ones used by the Netflix app. They are saved in a folder together with, among other Netflix files such as NFS, NFI, and NFA.

More information about the NFV file format

File extension .nfv
File category Video
Associated programs Netflix (iOS & Android)
Useful links How to download Netflix shows and movies
Developer Netflix