MODD - Sony Video Analysis File

What is a MODD file

MODD is a file format that, despite being grouped as a video file format, a mere information file. It contains metadata for an actual video file that has been recorded using a camcorder by Sony. The metadata includes, among others, the date of recording, time, information about the camcorder, geographic information, and more. MODD files differ from MOD files which actually are video files.

Usually, the MODD file accompanies an M2TS file which is the actual video file created by the Sony camcorder. The file is used by Sony Picture Motion Browser or PMH (Sony PlayMemories Home) in order to analyze an M2TS file. The typical filename for MODD files is something like “filename.m2ts.modd”, indicating that the MODD file contains information about the likewise named M2TS video. These files should not be deleted as this can result in data loss for the actual video file.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open MODD documents:

  • Sony Picture Motion Browser (Windows)
  • Sony PlayMemories Home
Extension MODD
MIME type text/xml
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