MOBI (Mobipocket)

The MOBI eBook file format

The MOBI file extension was created in 2000 by Mobipocket. They produced Mobipocket Reader software for e-book readers (Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Kindle, Blackberry, etc), PDA’s, computers, and smartphones. The software is free. Amazon bought Mobipocket in 2005. Due to the end of support of MOBI files, no other current eBook reader is able to read the files. They were discontinued in 2007 when the AZW file extension replaced it. The conversion of the file type proves to be very useful to users with newer devices, especially Android devices.

Technical details of MOBI files

MOBI files are based on the Open eBook XHTML standard and can frame in JavaScript. Users can add pages, annotations, drawings, highlights, and notes to these files for personal use. The Mobipocket Readers usually come with a built in dictionary. The 64K restriction of images allowed in the file is useful for small devices such as mobile phones but becomes inconvenient with larger mobile devices and computers. MOBI files are similar to the Amazon Kindle (AZW) format though it lacks the Java capabilities. MOBI files were designed for the optimization of the contents of the file for devices on lower bandwidth connections (like 3G).

More information about the MOBI file format

File extension .mobi
File category eBook
Example file Download file (672.30 KiB)
Associated programs Amazon Kindle
Apple iBooks
Mobipocket Reader Desktop
Useful links Read for more information on MOBI
File conversion Convert a file to MOBI
Developer Amazon