M4V - iTunes Video File

What is a M4V file

M4V is a file format used to play videos. It works in the same way as videos of the MP4 file type. The M4V file format has been developed by the renowned Apple company. The only difference between the M4V and the MP4 format is that the files with the M4V extension may comprise of Apple’s DRM protection, Fairplay. Videos downloaded from iTunes come in the M4V format. In casees in which the M4V video file doesn’t have DRM enabled, the iTunes account used to acquire the file will require an authentication on the computer to play these files.

The files with M4V extension play both video and audio data. The file extension can be converted from M4V to MP4 in order to play it from a separate unauthenticated PC, since M4V files are protected by Apple's DRM. Only in rare situations it is the case that Apple’s DRM has not been applied to the file. Moreover, MP4 files doe not provide the functionality to create chapter information, a feature that M4V files provide.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open M4V documents:

  • Apple QuickTime Player
  • Apple iTunes
  • VLC Media Player
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