JSON (JavaScript Object Notation File)

The JSON Website file format

JSON files are used for storing structures of simple data sets by using a text-based and human-readable format. Initially, JSON files were closely associated to the JavaScript programming language, but since various programming APIs support this file type, it can nowadays be seen as language-independent. This alternative to XML files is most commonly used by Ajax Web applications.

Technical details of JSON files

JSON files are used as a data interchange format. This interchange commonly occurs between computers that are connected via the internet. Thus, it is rarely the case that files with a JSON extension are saved on a computer's hard drive. Some applications however still use this file format. For example: profile data from Google+ could be saved and downloaded in the JSON file format, while Mozilla Firefox uses said file format to store bookmark backup data.

More information about the JSON file format

File extension .json
File category Website
Example file Download example.json file (0.57 KiB)
Associated programs Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft WordPad
Notepad ++
Mozilla Firefox
Useful links Obtain detailed information about JSON files here.
Developer n/a