ITL - iTunes Library File

What is a ITL file

iTunes uses several different types of files and databases that work together to allow iTunes to function on your device. One of those databases is called an ITL. ITL stands for iTunes Library File. The primary purpose of the ITL file is to allow iTunes to organize the files that are located in your iTunes musical library. The ITL database keeps information related to the music in the library. This includes data like the ratings for each song and comments. It also includes any playlists that you have created. In Windows, an ITL file can be identified because it uses the .itl extension at the end of the file name.

Although the product was created by Apple, it can be used on both Mac and Windows devices. This is to allow users to access their iTunes accounts on any type of device they wish. Although the Windows version does include the .itl extension on the file name, the Mac version does not. However, the Mac does store a related file in the same directory. This file can be located under users/(your username)/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library. (note the use of “iTunes Library” instead of “.itl”. This is the specific file that allow you to share your playlist among other Apple applications like iMovie or iPhoto.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open ITL documents:

  • Apple iTunes
Extension ITL
MIME type application/x-itool
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