GVDESIGN (Gravit Designer File)

The GVDESIGN Vector image file format

Files with the extension GVDESIGN contain vector image data. These images are created in Gravit Designer, which is a free-to-use program for creating art using vector graphics. Alongside the actual, visual image data, the GVDESIGN file stores different image settings such as page size and the unit it is saved in. The usage of GVDESIGN files spans from presentations and cover pages to social media and website graphics and even posters and flyers.

Technical details of GVDESIGN files

Gravit Designer (and the web version Gravit Klex) is the only program associated with the GVDESIGN file format. Next to this proprietary format, you can also save your vector graphics as SVG, SVGZ, or PDF, as well as in a raster image format such as JPG and PNG.

More information about the GVDESIGN file format

File extension .gvdesign
File category Vector image
Associated programs Gravit Designer (Windows, Mac, Linux & Web)
Gravit Kles (Web)
Useful links More on Gravit Designer and GVDESIGN
Developer Gravit