GMS - Gesture and Motion Signal File

What is a GMS file

GMS in terms of file formats stands for Gesture and Motion Signal File. These data files store very minimal and low-level information about gesture and motion signals. Since GMS files are binary, the information is thus better optimized for storage and (re)usage. The motion and gesture signals saved in the GMS file are used by different aspects of more creative and artistic computer work such as graphics, music or animation.

The information stored in a GMS file is very basic and minimal. They limit down the information to only the basic features that represent different gestures and movements. This information includes structuration of the contained data, spatial and temporal properties as well as flexible dimensionality for the different gestures and movements.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open GMS documents:

  • LibGMS (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Extension GMS
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