GED - GEDCOM Genealogy Data File

What is a GED file

GED files are database files that store information about family history and genealogical events. It is the standard format for GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communications) genealogy. These databases are created to save data collected in order to track family histories.

The family and genealogical data stored in the GED file is saved in a plain text format (ASCII). It is compatible with many different genealogy programs across various platforms and operating systems. The data in the GED file contains genealogically information and metadata that is used to link different records together.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open GED documents:

  • Ages! (Windows)
  • Ancestral Author (Windows)
  • Behold (Windows)
  • GeneWeb (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Gramps (Windows, Mac & Linnux)
  • Leister Prodcustions Reunion (Mac)
  • LifeLines (Windows & Linux)
  • RootsMagic (Windows)
  • Taurus FamilyTree (Windows & Mac)
  • Thoughtful Creations Genbox Family History (Windows)
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