FSPROJ (Visual F# Project File)

The FSPROJ Developer file format

The Microsoft Visual Studio software development suite has a component called Visual F#. Projects created in Visual F# are saved as a special file, the FSPROJ file. The FSPROJ file stores all work in progress information of a project started in Visual F#, using the XML format. With the help of the FSPROJ file, developers are able to build program source code that can be turned into executable applications.

Technical details of FSPROJ files

Data stored in an FSPROJ file is formatted according to the XML standard. The data inside the file contains multiple references to other source code files, libraries or program assets of various kinds.

More information about the FSPROJ file format

File extension .fsproj
File category Developer
Associated programs Microsoft Visual Studio (Windows)
Useful links More information about FSPROJ files
Developer Microsoft