EMZ (Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile)

The EMZ Vector image file format

EMZ files are image files that have been compressed. Programs such as Microsoft Visio and Office suite are able to view and use such files. Compressed with a GZIP compressing algorithm, the EMZ file contains an Enhanced Metafile (EMF). Programs such as WinGZip or GNU zip can decompress files with an EMZ extension, enabling the user to open the thus resulting EMF file. Importing the resulting file into an editor program after unzipping will, most likely, display the file as a single grouped object though, not as individual objects.

Technical details of EMZ files

EMZ is closely related to other Windows Metafiles such as WMZ. What differentiates the EMZ file from this one is the fact that it contains an enhanced metafile, the EMF file, which can be obtained by unzipping the compressed EMZ file. It may be the case, that an EMZ file created by Visio is not supported by this program. In this case, renaming the file to have the ending emz (lower case instead of upper case). Especially on UNIX and Linux operating systems, such a renaming can "force" the program work with the respective file.

More information about the EMZ file format

File extension .emz
File category Vector image
Associated programs Microsoft Office 2013 (Windows)
Microsoft Visio 2013 (Windows)
Logipole Konvertor (Windows)
XniViewMP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
Useful links Learn more about EMZ files
Developer Microsoft