EMF (Microsoft Enhanced Metafile (32-bit))

The EMF Vector image file format

Files with the EMF extension are developed originally by Microsoft. These file formats are basically extension of the WMF file format and the only difference in both is that EMF is 32 bit whereas WMF is 16 bit. Both of these are metafiles that comprise of a number of calling functions to enable an application to render a graphic or an image. EMF encompasses more calling functions as compared to WMF.

Technical details of EMF files

Both bitmap as well as vector graphics can be files having an EMF extension. They enable portability between the incompatible platforms. There is a list of functions comprised in the file that permits the graphics device to understand how to render a 32 bit file.

More information about the EMF file format

File extension .emf
File category Vector image
Example file Download example.emf file (8.3 MiB)
Associated programs Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Word
Useful links Fetch detailed information on EMF file format here.
Developer Microsoft