EBD - Windows EBD System File

What is a EBD file

EBD files are used by computers and devices running on the Windows operating system. The information stored inside the EBD files contains binary data. This data can be used for, e.g., storing indexing information for different search operations on Windows.

Note that EBD files should not be opened manually. The Windows operating system is accessing these automatically. However, the files can be deleted manually, e.g. to save space on a hard drive, however it will affect the speed of Windows Searches. Instead of deleting, relocating the file is possible as well. That way, the speed of the searches will not be throttled while space is saved on the hard drive the file was located on before. This might actually be necessary, especially for machines running on Windows 8 and 10. There, the EBD file might get “bloated” which can rise the file size up to 50 GB.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open EBD documents:

  • Windows Operating System
Extension EBD
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