DAV - DVR365 Video File

What is a DAV file

DAV files are video files created by digital video recorders. Not all video recorders are able to produce DAV files, but old DVR365 products as well as the superseding AlienDVR are among them. A special software on the DVR is able to create these DAV files. These video files are used to store the video and audio recording of surveillance (CCTV) cameras.

DAV files are saved in an encrypted format for more security. The video compression method used is typically MPEG or a modification of it. The SightBoss Central Station software inside the DVR is the special software needed to write and store DAV files on the DVR's hard drive. This data can be played on the appropriate DVR players. However, to display the files on a computer, the DVR365 player software is needed.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open DAV documents:

  • DVR365 Player Software