CPI - AVCHD Video Clip Information File

What is a CPI file

There are several different types of CPI files, however the most common is the CPI file that is associated with the AVCHD video format. This is a format that was originally developed through a joint effort from Sony and Panasonic for the use in high definition video camcorders. These files are used to point to MTS video stream files. One of the major benefits of CPI files is that several different types of video programs have the ability to easily edit or convert videos that are saved in this type of file. Video files that are in the AVCHD format can also easily be used on other compatible devices. These devices include the Sony PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray players.

The CPI file is a reasonably small size for a video file, but it can still support 1080i and 720p. The codec associated with these types of files is the same as for MPEG4 files. The files contain some of the metadata information about the video clips. This includes details like the aspect ration, the number of frames per second and the frame rate. The first camcorders from both Sony and Panasonic using AVCHD and the CPI files were released in the middle of 2007. These were camcorders aimed for the general public. The first camcorder using this technology that was aimed for the professional market was released by Panasonic in 2008.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open CPI documents:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Windows, Mac)
  • Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2 (Windows)
  • Roxio Popcorn (Mac)
  • CyberLink Power Director 12 Ultra (Windows)
  • Pinnacle Studio 17.5 (Windows)
  • Corel Videostudio Pro X7 Ultimate (Windows)
  • Sony Vegas Pro 13 (Windows)
Extension CPI
MIME type image/cpi, image/x-cpi
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