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CMA - Coach Activity File

What is a CMA file

CMA files are associated with different programs. The most common is Coach, a computer modeling, measuring, and control program. The program allows users to create dynamic models. The CMA file stores the activity data of Coach. The data inside the CMA includes any activity with regard to measurement or control of elements such as images, videos, and text. The CMA is stored together with these items in the project folder of the Coach program.

Coach produces another file format that is quite similar to the CMA file. While the CMA file saves and stores the activity of a project only, the results of the work done is saved in a CMR file. The Coach program is usually used in schools because it contains great teaching functionalities.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open CMA documents:

  • CMA Coach (Windows)
Extension CMA
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