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CFG - Configuration File

What is a CFG file

Configuration and settings information on computers are generally stored in a configuration file. The generic file extension for such preference files is the CFG extension. They are generated automatically my many software applications when changing the settings of said application. Information within the CFG file is typically stored as plain text which allows to open and view the file in a basic text editor. However, it is not advised to make manual changes to CFG files. In some instances, deleting the CFG file reverts the default settings of the associated program.

Since CFG files are used by many different programs, the files themselves differ as well. Depending on which program created or is using the CFG file, the data inside the file may be saved in a different format. CFG files that contain plain text usually contain data on different lines, comprising of a variable-value pair. CFG files are typically found on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers. Linux machines typically use files with the CONF extension instead.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open CFG documents:

  • Apple TextEdit (Mac)
  • MacroMates TextMate (Mac)
  • MacVim (Mac)
  • Microsoft Notepad (Windows)
  • Microsoft WordPad (Windows)
  • Notepad2 (Windows)
  • Other Text Editors
Extension CFG
MIME type text/plain
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