CAJ - Chinese Academic Journal File

What is a CAJ file

CAJ files are a very specific and rare file format. It was developed by CNKI, the Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure. They are mainly used for the storage and sharing of academic journal articles in Chinese. The information inside the CAJ files is comprised of text. This includes the published article itself as well as the author(s), annotations, citations, and other possible information attached to the article.

The Chinese Academic Journal file, CAJ, is wide-spread in China. However, it may also happen that people in other countries come in contact with these files. It is quite similar to the more popular and better-known PDF document format. The only program able to open CAJ files without any problem is the CAJViewer by CNKI. To make CAJ files more accessible, they can also be exported into the PDF or TXT format by said program.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open CAJ documents:

  • CNKI CAJViewer (Windows, Mac, Web & Android)
  • CNKI CAJViewer HD 1 (iOS)
Extension CAJ
MIME type n/a
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