C - C/C++ Source Code File

What is a C file

Source code developed and written in either the C or C++ language are commonly stored in a C file. These programming languages are used in software programming. Code in the C file is written in plain text. Thus, files with the C extension can be opened by any basic text editor. However, if viewed and edited in a basic text editor, there is no syntax highlighting of the code available.

A C file may include the whole source code written in C or C++. The files can also contain snippets of code that reference to other C files with more or complete code. Sometimes, a distinction between different C files is made, yet it doesn't hold for all cases. It is said that files with a lowercase c (.c) contain code written in C, while files with an uppercase C (.C) contain code written in C++.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open C documents:

  • Apple Xcode (Mac)
  • BloodshedSoftware Dev-C++ (Windows)
  • Borland C++Builder (Windows)
  • Code::Blocks (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Eclipse IDE for C Developers (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Embarcadero C++Builder (Windows)
  • ES-Computing EditPlus (Windows)
  • Freescale CodeWarrior Development Tools (Mac)
  • GNU Emacs (Linux)
  • gVim (Windows)
  • MacroMates TextMate (Mac)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Windows)
  • Vim (Linux)
  • ZinjaI (Windows, Mac & Linux)
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