BMP - Microsoft Windows bitmap

What is a BMP file

BMP (bitmap image file, device independent bitmap file format, bitmap) files are raster images used for the storage of bitmap digital images separate from the display device. This file type was formerly used in Microsoft Windows and OS/2. The term bitmap derives from the computer programming idea of a map of bits. BMP images are generally not compressed or they are compressed in a lossless process (such as via ZIP or RAR due to redundant data within the file). JPG is a more preferred image format today, mainly due to the large file size of BMP images that can cause problems or delays when uploading, sending, or downloading said files.

BMP files are stored as 2D images of various dimensions, colors, and color depths without data compression, color profiles, or alpha channels. BMP images are stored in device-independent bitmap (DIB) formats, meaning the colors are specified for the image, not the specifications of the system. This explains why some BMP images look different on various machines. BMP images can be viewed on any device, including computer and television monitors. The lack of patents makes this image type common throughout technological devices.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open BMP documents:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • MS Paint
  • Microsoft Photo Editor
  • Paintbrush
Extension BMP
MIME type image/bmp
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