ASC - ActionScript Communication File

What is a ASC file

Code written in the ActionScript programming language is commonly saved in files with the ASC extension. The scripts coded this way are used to control applications that run via Flash. The ASC file is used to control what the Flash application does. This includes communicating between servers, streaming video and other multimedia content, loading the application and more.

ASC files contain ActionScrip scripts and are commonly created using the Adobe Flash Professional program. Software that hosts Flash Media servers use these ASC files and execute the code contained inside the files. The Adobe Media Encoder as well as the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder can produce ASC files as well. When running a Flash application, the default file called by the Flash Media Server is called "main.asc". If the files are named differently, this must be specified within the server as well.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open ASC documents:

  • Adobe Flash Professional (Windows & Mac)
Extension ASC
MIME type n/a
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