AMV - Anime Music Video File

What is a AMV file

The AMV file extension is assigned to so called Anime Music Video files. They are typically used by portable media playing devices from and in China. These video files are optimized for the media players. It is widely assumed that MTV was the driving force behind the creation of the AMV file format.

AMV files are compressed video files of a typically very low resolution. These videos can have a resolution between 94x64 and 160x120, which perfectly fits the screens of the target players. These players often come with additional software which allows AMV files to be opened and played on a computer as well. AMV files have been created on the basis of the AVI container.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open AMV documents:

  • File Viewer Plus (Windows)
  • Callum Hollywood AMV Studio (Windows)
  • AMV Converter mod (Windows)
  • AMV Convert Tool (Windows)
  • AMV Marker (Windows)
Extension AMV
MIME type video/x-amv
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