AEP - After Effects Project File

What is a AEP file

AEP files are created using Adobe After Effects, a video editing program. These files are considered project files as they store the work in progress of a video editing project. They can contain the video and audio data, images, a timeline, and – as the name suggests – effects that are applied to the visual and audible data.

AEP is only one of two file formats that are used by After Effects to store video editing projects of a user. It's the main format, however, and saved in a binary format. The related, text-based XML file that belongs to the project has the file extension AEPX. Other related file formats are template project files with the AET (binary) and AETX (XML) file format extension.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open AEP documents:

  • Adobe After Effects (Windows & Mac)
Extension AEP
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