ACCDB - Access 2007 Database File

What is a ACCDB file

Databases that have been created with the database program Microsoft Access save their files with an ACCDB file extension. These database files contain data that is organized in certain fields and tables. Previous to ACCDB files, Microsoft Access used the MDB file extension for storing databases. ACCDB extended the functionalities of these files. ACCDB files were first used by Microsoft Access 2007, but is compatible with later versions as well.

The data stored in ACCDB files may contain custom forms as well as SQL queries and other kind of data. They are typically organized in field and tables. New functions of the ACCDB file compared to its predecessors include the storage of file attachments, support for several values in one field, encryption and a way better integration in other Microsoft products like Outlook and SharePoint.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open ACCDB documents:

  • Microsoft Access (Windows)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (Windows)
  • MDB Viewer (Windows & Mac)
Extension ACCDB
MIME type application/msaccess
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