264 (Ripped Video Data File)

The 264 Video file format

Files that have a 264 (.264) extension are often generated by programs used to rip or convert videos. They are used to store the video data in a raw and intermediary way before the data is used in either conversion or the process of ripping is completed. 264 files are associated with the video compressing standard H.264. These files can bee seen as the bitstreams of such a compression. Often times, surveillance cameras store their raw video data with a .264 extension.

Technical details of 264 files

264 files contain extracted video data of the medium or video file that is in the process of being ripped or converted. This extracted data can be converted into other video formats, including a changed and/or new encoding. Usually, however, the encoding method is MPEG-4/H.264 - hence the file extension.

More information about the 264 file format

File extension .264
File category Video
Associated programs RipBot264 (Windows)
Roxio Toast 14 (Mac)
StaxRip (Windows)
Useful links More on H.264 video encoding
Developer n/a